Affiliate Program

The best affiliate program in the Forex Market. We cater to Offline and Online Affiliates paying maximum commissions for referred clients to Zara Multi traders. With the best commission structure and tailor-made products, we can help you achieve your revenue expectations. This program does not require first class knowledge in programming or administration and your clients can always get updated and reliable information from the company’s web page.

Benefits and Specifications

Don’t risk your own money; trade FX by your commissions.

Access to world-class resources.

Integrated web system, to simplify your transactions.

24 hours per day Customer support.

Monitor your clients’ commissions, Inter-Account transfer for them by one click.

Simple and quick registration process

How to become an introducing broker

Register as IB

Choose Schedule

Sign Agreement

Take Profit

Zara Multitrader

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Contact Number: +2302089022

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