AML Policy

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is hiding and seizing the clients’ funds in such a way that it looks legitimate. We at Zara MT adhere to strict rules and regulations and none of our employees are in no way involved in any activities that will boost in any kind of money laundering. We follow anti-money laundering policies that increase client safety and protection, payment processes and other security concerns.

Know Your Client

This is the first and foremost point to safeguard the clients against money laundering. The KYC (Know Your Client) policy helps us to know our clients so that no third party can intervene between us. For this we require our clients to submit the following:

Identity Proof:

Any government approved ID card will do here; like national ID card, passport, voter ID or anything else.

Residential Proof:

This is an official document that clearly states your name and address and should have come into force three month before filing this application. This can also be any utility bill, your ration card, bank statement etc. The copy should include:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your residential address
  • The date of issuing the proof.
  • The name and stamp of the issuing authority.

Copy of the front and back side of the credit card:

When you take out the copy of the card, make sure only the last four digits of the card number is visible. For further security, you can hide the CVV number too.

Note: For different countries, different documents are required and hence we may ask you to send us further documents for verification.


As per the AML policy, we do not accept any third party payments. The payment should be made from the name specified in the KYC form. Also, all the withdrawals made should be returned to the exact source like if you have taken the amount from a bank, it will be deposited back to the same account. Same way if you have paid through a credit card, the amount will be received back to your card only.

We do not accept under any circumstances.


If we find any wrong activity, the AML regulation asks us to report the same to the relevant law agencies. We have full rights to deny any transfer in the middle if we find anything suspicious regarding it. Also, the law does not allow us to reveal any report made to the law agencies concerning fraudulent activities.

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