Fund Security

Funds Protection

Are my Funds secured?

When it comes to investing money, client safety is of utmost importance. The security measures we use are stern and are in favor of all our clients. Our security measures are concentrated on the following points:

Safe Banking

When it comes to our own money, trust and security is on priority. With our distinguished policies, we only work with the best industry partners. Be it any credit card company or payment processors we make sure that your money is kept safe and sound.

Personal Safety

Along with your money safety, we want you to feel safe on your personal front as well. So with us your personal data is secured and encrypted and no one can intervene and look into it without your permission.

Regulatory Supervision

All the forex brokers are required to follow the financial policies and abide by the financial laws. Financial reports get generated everyday and funds are maintained to cover everyday liability. It is also mandatory that company funds are held separately from the funds of clients.

Full- Service Support

You will receive full service and our team is always on edge to support you at any given point in time. You can easily get in touch via phone or email and get your queries answered.

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