Zaramt offers you a curated selection of the World’s most popular shares – it also gives you innovative tools and great conditions. Shares are unique and exciting CFDs that offer traders a wealth of information including company earning reports and news coverage.

Protect your investment
Free guaranteed Stop loss and Take profit
Negative balance protection

Competitive Fixed Spreads
No slippage

Flexibility and Data

  • Zaramt Metatraders Inside Viewer

    See what percentage of traders are buying or selling the shares you are looking at.

  • Powerful Customizable Charts

    The integrated Trading View charts offer multiple indicator and overlay options.

  • Trading Signals, Calendar & Market News

    Fundamental and Technical Data is always available and easily accessible.

Trading CFD Shares

  • Selling Shares Short selling or going short when trading CFD Shares, is essentially ‘selling’ the stock in anticipation of the price dropping. This is one of the benefits when trading via CFDs, you can benefit from both positive and negative movements of the underlying share.
  • Benefits of Trading Shares One of the biggest benefits of trading shares or shares is the immense amount of data that is available. Not only do news outlets readily report on popular brands new products and company news.
  • Earning Seasons Markets are especially active during these periods and shares can fluctuate – similar to other CFDs like Forex, Commodities and Precious Metals – during economic policy announcements. Some traders avoid volatility and others use it as part of their strategy.